Deluxe Princess Pamperng Party:
-Princess comes 30 minutes prior to party to have special one-on-one time with Birthday girl!!  She will help her get ready by doing fancy makeup with glitter and gems, do her hair with glitter hairspray (different styles depening on princess) and apply princess nail art!  Although we give extra special attention to the birthday girl at the party, the other kids there are also fighting for our attention and we love to be able to truly bond with the birthday girl before her friends arrive!  She will love introducing her guests to not only a Princess/Queen but her new friend!!  
-Once guests arrive the Deluxe 1.5 hour party starts!


Princess Packages 

Pretty Pretty Princess Parties

Royal Pamper Party

Pretty Pretty Princess Parties, Inc.

Prices range from $149-$375 based on party type/length, location, and performer, please contact us for your quote!

1 Hour Party:
-Royal Introduction

-Singing & Dancing!
-Fun Silly Games
-Face-Painting (highest quality, non-toxic/vegan/paraben & lead free)
-Learn how to be a Princess/Prince
-Princess/ Prince Parade

-Magic trick
-Singing Happy Birthday


Make your child's dreams come true!

Deluxe Party

1 Hour Party

Deluxe 1.5 Hour Party: 
-Everying in 1 Hour Party plus:

-Extra 30 minutes 

-Full Face-painting/ Makeup
-Customized Coloring Pages
-Special gift for Birthday Princess

-Make your own Princess Frame with Princess Decorations
-Pictures printed on-site for each child to take home (great favor!)

  **Deluxe price for up to 8 children, add $5 per additional child (used for craft supplies)**

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why should we choose PPPP?

Our 3 main focuses are authenticity, FUN, and making your child feel like the most special birthday child in the world!  Our parties focus on having silly fun and paying extra special attention to the birthday child.  We have high quality costumes & wigs and attention to every detail!  Our performers are trained in acting, makeup, and singing so that they look, act, talk, and sing like your particular princess!   They also have back stories about their life in the kingdom, their friends, and even what they were for Halloween!  What is most important to us, however, is keeping the authenticity of a true Princess by emitting, kindness, love, and inspiring them to follow their dreams and believe in themselves! 

Q: How do I book a Visit?

Thank you for choosing us and we are ready to make believers out of you!  We recommend that you book about 2 months in advance to ensure your Time/Date/Character.  Ask us about last-minute visits and we will do our very best! Our parties are a first come first serve basis.  Please Contact Us to check for availability or for any questions! 

Q: What should I expect for my Princess Party?

A: We recommend having your guests arrive at least 15 minutes before the Princess arrives.  The Princess will start the party the second she knocks on the door and is greeted by the Birthday Child!  After a brief greeting and story about her journey to meet the Birthday Princess she will start her activities and does not need set-up time.   She will bring her own wireless speaker with music and only needs a small table/area for her facepaints and an outlet for Deluxe Parties where pictures will be printed out.  Activities included in all packages are Singing, Facepainting, learn how to be a princess/queen/prince/snowman, Princess Parade, Royal Coronation, Games, Happy Birthday Song!

If you will be feeding the kids while the princess is there we recommend doing so in the beginning of the party during facepainting as the rest of the party will be filled with activities!  Parents can either choose to sit back and enjoy the show or often send the Princess and kids to a separate play area to do the activities.  If they are in a separate area they will come back to show everyone their new princess skills in a parade, will have a coronation and then can do cake!   We try to end with cake-cutting and singing Happy Birthday to make a seamless transition back to the Royal Kingdom.  Please keep in mind that your Princess will often have back to back parties so your help in ensuring the children stay inside and having payment ready upon departure is greatly appreciated!  

Q: We have recently met Princesses at a Park/ Birthday Party

A: Great!  It is very helpful if you let us know any details about the Princess visits so we can keep the magic alive and seamless!  We often do parties for kids who have seen us at a friend's party... if you let us know this we can change around the activities to make their visit very special as well as remember little details from the last party they were at!

Q: Can boys attend the party?

A:  Yes!  PPPP provides entertainment for both boys and girls and will cater to their interests whether it be pirates, ninjas, snowmen, spiderman, princes.  They will give Prince/Ninja/Snowman lessons right along with the Princess lessons and can also do boy face painting!  

Q:  Should I tell my birthday girl a Princess is coming?

A:  This is totally up to you as you know your little one best!  We will tell you that many kids get star-struck during a suprise visit so what we recommend is to "send an invitation" to the Princess inviting her to the party.  Then, your daughter will be able to picture the idea of a Princess coming to her house and not be as shocked, but just as excited when she arrives!  If you do this please let us know so the Princess can let her know she recieved her invitation!

Q: What is the perfect age for this party?

A: We find princesses between the ages of 3 and 7 get the most out of parties.  All of our royal friends are unique, though, so princess fun is for everyone!   Regardless of age we love interacting with everyone at the party in a fun memorable way and often end up taking pictures with guests, grandparents and babies! 

Q: Do I have to tip the entertainer?

A: Although tipping is not required, our entertainers do very much appreciate it.  Customary tipping for a well-enjoyed party is 20%.

Q: What do I need for a Unicorn Visit and what should I expect?

A:  The Unicorns need some space out side, but not much!  A front yard would work just fine if there is no back yard.  We do need space for our large Trailer & Truck to park either in the drive-way or on the street in front of the house.  Our unicorns are too small to be ridden, but kids will be able to lead them around, take pictures with them, and decorate their manes.  If there is unforeseen weather (i.e. rain) the Unicorn can still come and be visited under a tent (not provided) or in the trailer.  Extreme weather conditions may not be suitable for the unicorn, and rescheduling will be available.  The unicorns are based in Central MA so usually only travel a 20 mile radius.

Q: What is your liability policy?

A: Customers agrees to hold and keep PPPP from any and all property damage and/or bodily injury caused by the customer’s guests, or other persons attending the party. Customer agrees to not hold PPPP and its agents responsible for inclement weather or other conditions that may cause a party cancellation.  In the case of inclement weather, PPPP will apply any remaining monies due to another party date that is mutually agreeable to both parties.  PPPP does NOT hold parties on snow days as our performers may be coming from afar so please keep a back-up plan/date in mind)  We can hold a rain-date for a $50 fee.  If there is damage or loss of PPPP’s inventory and/or damage of party’s location, the financial responsibility lies with the client.  The Client also assumes all liability and responsibilities for allergic reactions or any other medical reaction or illness stemming from the menu (PPPP does not provide food) costumes, makeup, face painting, or any other activity taken place before, after or during the party.  PPPP may use any photos of the customer and the customer’s child, who may be under the age of 18, in any advertising, website, newsletter and all types of media.  By placing your deposit, client agrees to all terms above.

Q: Do you bring food/a cake to the Party?

A: PPPP does not supply any food or a cake.  For fabulous Princess Cakes/Cupcakes we recommend using Owl and PussyCat Cakes.  Please contact directly at